Spotlight is a speaker series for the RARE w/Google Creative Fellows. This year, the speakers featured were LGBTQ photographer and content strategist Gia Goodrich, filmmaker and founder of @sadgirlsclub Elyse Fox, and multicultural marketer and founder/CEO of WORTHI Myles Worthington. A recap reel was created in collaboration with WTBR as a take-away for the fellows to refer back to after their time in the fellowship has come to an end. 
Password for reel available upon request.
Lead: Analysa Cantu-Martin 
Producer: Paige Prevost 
Editor: WTBR 
Copywriter: Ben Bashaw 
Music: "To The Stars" by Rhyen (aka Ryan Abednego, an APAC fellow!) 
Gia and Elyse represented by Hell Yes!.
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