Photographer: iPhone
Photographer: iPhone
Gulf Coast to West Coast:
Paige was born in Beaumont, TX - the Catholic part of the Bible Belt -  as a daughter to a mother, sister to a brother, and granddaughter of a MawMaw and PawPaw. She luckily grew up with the same group of people from kindergarten through twelfth grade and then moved to Los Angeles to attend film school at Loyola Marymount University. Over those four years, she produced and directed various short films and wrote poems and short stories and became attached to Boyle Heights & Homeboy Industries.
After graduating in 2018, she eventually landed at Quibi (yes, that Quibi) and got to be there for the ride of a lifetime. After Quibi shuttered, she had a short stint at 20th Century Animation / Disney as a production assistant for four feature films for Disney+ before landing at MACRO, where she worked as a coordinator for the alternative team (anything not scripted + podcasts, which can be scripted). In 2022, she participated in both Google's 6-month Rare Creative Fellowship, working as a producer for the Brand Studio team, and Hollywood Radio and Television Society's (HRTS) Mentorship Program. She is also a member of CHEER San Francisco (est. 1980), the official cheer team of the city and county of San Francisco, helping to raise funds for LGBTQ+ causes. 
She loves slice of life, learning new things, contradictions, and imagining the worlds people live in. And eventually, yes, she will submit that poem.
Her favorite author is Alice Hoffman, her favorite ice-cream is Van Leeuwen's vegan Pistachio, and the film that breaks her heart is Breaking the Waves (no pun intended) dir. by Lars Von Trier.
Currently, Paige is producing/directing her first feature documentary, A Place Called Home, and working as a freelance producer for YouTube.
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