Gleams is a 20% project, meant to showcase the external creative pursuits of the Brand Studio team, inspire us to think differently in our work, and teach us something new about each other. There is also an audio-first version, to increase accessibility.
Founders and Editors-in-Chief: Paige Prevost, D'mani Thomas, Annalie Juan
Editors + Strategists: Antonia Richmond, Greg Rutter, Nina Kauffman, Tara Haniffa
Publishing Consultants: Antonia Richmond, Rob Mumford
Contributors: Analysa Cantu-Martin, Brian Vandeputte, Carla Tramullas, D'mani Thomas, Gabe Ferreira, Geon Joo "Daniel" Lee, Greg Rutter, Gregory Calvert, Hui Ying Kao, Jennifer Jimenez, Jerome Calimquim, Jiwon Ko, Paige Prevost, Paul Chang, Ryan Abednego, Samaaya Jayamaha, Valiant Freeman, Wen Ju Tsai, Young B

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